Whenever I want to relax and find peace in the everyday chaos I'm looking for a place with water and here, on WeHeartIt I look for pictures with oceans, seas, rivers, etc.
Just think about how water is basiclly everything. We are made of 71% water and so does everything around us. I feel a connection with water. When I am in the water I feel connected with evrything around me and I feel complete. I forget about all my problems and for those 5 minutes when I'm in the shower I feel pure happiness and after I feel extremly fresh and ready to do everything that I said I would do. I feel more powerful and more confident and determined to acheieve my goals.
I find peace in water because iti is able to understand evrything I am going through. When it rains its like crying, when there are storms, the oceans and seas get angry, just like us and other times they are just as calm as they could possibly be, just like us. I feel like I could stand on the beach with my friends and family and watch the ocean and never get tired of it, just enjoying it more and more.