The MTV VMA's are a major Hollywood event. It is one of THE award shows in Hollywood. And as these celebs stride for those desirable awards, so do their stylists. Though some of them didn't quite understand the concept, maybe they got confused by the red carpet being blue. Here is my uncensored opinion on some outfits.

Thumbs up

As for the ones who slayed their look, I would say surprise of the evening was Lorde.

fashion image
Princess Lorde

She dived into the closet of a fairytale princess and the result is amazing.

Seeing the outfits a lot of celebs dressed up cute. You wouldn't say so but this group did make the monsterhit 'Cool Kids'.

fashion and echosmith image
Echosmith and their cuteness

Also spotted on the blue/red carpet was a new trend. Boys it is time to wear patterns! Not only Calvin Harris seemed to follow this new trend, Shawn Mendes was also spotted in a fancy shirt!

shawn and mendes image calvin harris and fashion image
I can't choose between those two

Next one in line is my favorite the dreamy blue dress of Julia Michaels. This dress just has everything; the glitter, the waves. Just like she wears the ocean. Her hair is simple but makes the dress even more outstanding.

fashion image
Damn, I love this dress!

Mixed feelings

Some outfits have something cool and could be winners if only some details were different. Starting with, don't shoot me, Demi Lovato. I love the top where nude and black interfere. The pants are the reason for my mixed feeling because they are mixed.The baggy part isn't really convincing. The glitters, on the other hand, are making up for everything.

demi lovato and fashion image
Demi Lovato's enthusiasm lights the photo up.

Alessandra Ambrosio has the same problem. The dress is new, catchy and daring. The shoes try to bring out that vibe as well but like they say in Frenc 'trop est trop'.
It is too much of the same. But hey, if she ever wants to throw away the dress, and only the dress, my closet is where to deposit!

fashion and alessandra ambrosio image
I repeat I love the dress!

Nope, nope, nope

Extravagant, blonde and a killer lady. Yes, Nicki Minaj. Pink is definitely a tint she can pull of. But a pink latex suit, I am sorry dear Nicki but there you crossed the line.

fashion and nicki minaj image
Nicki Minaj

As much as I love her father, Paris Jackson doesn't come away with this outfit. If she were to wander on the catwalk of Victoria's Secret, she would have been in the thumbs up section. I don't know but your underwear may be as hot as the Sahara, it is a nope for the VMA's.

paris jackson and fashion image
I secretly wish my underwear is this fashionable

So these were my highlights. I hope you enjoyed reading this! And don't forget fashion is all about making mistakes.