When she cries, it’s not the pitiful whimper of a lost puppy out cold in the rain.

It’s the thunder. It’s the lightning. It’s the storm she feels inside herself but never dares to let it out.

When she cries the hurt and sorrow would swallow you whole with all the force of a thousand oceans tossing you down into the depths of the sea if only she would raise her cry!

But she doesn’t.

When she cries it breaks her in half. Her spine, her legs, her chest can’t stand it. The sound, the feeling too much for her small bones to bear.




Sobs rack her body as it all becomes too much. The shaking never stops.

In her head, she screams! “Don’t let me be alone!” But alas she never speaks a word.

Left inside with no escape the monster consumes her pushing her and pushing her until she breaks. It’s ugly. It’s wild. It’s terrifying her!

When she cries it would crush your heart to hear, feel, and know her pain. Anguish no one person should bear. And that is why she locks it all away.

For when she cries, there will be nothing left of her anyway...

ocean, storm, and waves image

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