Because I seem to use this website frequently (also I'm bored and truthfully, have nothing better to do) heres a little introduction to what I'm like, who i am, or just generally me as a person !!

General info

Name: Lorraine. because my parents didn't give me a chance.
Birthday: May 28 !!
sexuality: bisexual as fuck
gender: She/her

personal thingy thing:

~Favourite books: Carry On by Rainbow Rowell, Uprooted by Naomi Novick, The song of achilles by Madeline Miller and a lot more.
~I like art !!
~i love the beatles don't fight me on this
~i play the guitar
~i broke my guitar
~I draw stuff
~I can't actually draw
~I write !!
~my writing sucks
~I use humour as a coping mechanism. Im funny like that.
~really fuckin gay af
~dunno how to write an article just really bored
~wubba lubba dub dub (if u get the inside joke then congrats ur now my best friend)
~i like reading books !!
~favorite author is Jane Austen my homie yes
~im really cringy.
~would really like to go to college pls
~I love Rory Gilmore,,i would honestly just,,trade,,my soul,,for her
~i need coffee in an IV !!

honestly I don't know anyone who would voluntarily click this article and waste their three precious minutes for me, rambling about myself, but if you somehow by any chance read this then you are a wonderful human being and i thank u for ur time.

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bi bi :DD