Have you ever felt like you were being undressed without your consent? I know its not an everyday question and yet my answer to it is yes I have. Every. Single. Time. She was around.

It was so ironic how someone who couldn't speak said so much. It was her eyes. They spoke her every motion, so intense sometimes, you'd feel naked. Completely undressed before her; and I don't mean it in a pervy way. She looked into your heart, she searched for the good in you. She found out everything about you without having to ask,"Who are you?"

She was sitting alone at the back of the library, call it fate or whatever but the only empty seat was right next to her.

"Excuse me, is this seat taken?"

She didn't respond and I then I realized I was the idiot that was talking to someone with headphones in.

I lightly tapped her bare shoulder;

Temporarily removed
Then she looked up

To say the least I was taken aback by her. She was stunning. She only looked at me expectantly as If to signal me to speak.

"I ah-uhm was uhm wondering I-IIf this seat was free?" She seemed to have found my expense humorous as she smiled and bit her lip before nodding.

We didn't do library things that day, we sat and stared at each other for the longest time before I asked, "What's your name?" it came out as whisper; the feeling that being any louder would pop our little bubble.

She got my phone before gesturing for me to unlock it and quickly put in what seemed like her number and texted herself so she could get mine.

HER: I can't talk,don't ask

ME: Okay, I won't but you still haven't answered

HER: I am whatever you want to call me

ME: Is this you being mysterious?

HER: Yes and no

ME: Gahhhh this frustrating thrill. Fine, I'll call you Aqua.

HER: Is this because of my eyes? lol how original

ME: Sarcastic much? what if I don't do "original"

HER: I don't think your hair color speaks "ordinary"

I instinctively touched my white hair

ME: I suppose you're right, I'm Nate by the way
Can I ask you something?

HER: Feel free

ME: Has anyone ever told you that you're beautiful?

HER: You mean besides my mum?haha no. I don't think anyone is interested in a mute girl enough to call her beautiful.

"Well I'm interested Aqua, you are so fucking beautiful."