Hi there everyone ¡
It's my first article in WHI and i'm so happy that WHI put these function on work. (≧▽≦)

I'm going to introduce me, so let's begin with this.¡¡

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Well as you see in my user my name is KARI, i think is not common that's what i like it. I have 18 y.o and according to my country i'm legal now. (^▽^).


  • KPOP

If you enter to my hearts you will see a lot of KPOP that is my love and fill almost all my daily life. ♥ω♥
I know i have a problem -.- but i love it what can i do, also KPOP helps me a lot in many aspets in my life.

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Like every girl i love fashion, i know several trends come out almost every day so i like find them and try to adapt it to my own style. And also dicover

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Our beautiful planet is where i found the inspiration, I would like to travel around the world i knew new people and places to find myself.

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  • That's all Folks¡¡
  • If i forgot something i would do a second part so wait for it.
  • I will begin to write about the things i wrote here.
  • I think I will write in Spanish and sometimes in English, but if you want that i write about something in a specific language, send me a text (only Spanish and English) and I will do it.

KARI ♡^▽^♡

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