Did you know that the world consumes close to 2.25 billion cups of coffee everyday ? That's because no other "drink " can give you as much energy as a coffee cup . No other drink can give you this feeling of absolute energy and creativity all in one ! Coffee makes the blood flow faster and your brain the ability to have way more ideas than it usually does. My father used to say that coffee feels like a hug in a mug makes you feel happier , gets you through your bad days , this is a cliche but coffee will never let you down or leave you alone.
- They have no type
And by that i mean whatever kind of coffee you throw their way they will be grateful , no special preferences
- They don't care about the time of they day they will have their coffee even if that means drinking it at 1AM or 10AM
- They are picky with their mugs 'cause they'll hate the fact that their " nectar" will be wasted in an ugly mug
-In their daily agenda they will make time to actually go and buy or make coffee its like special ritual to them and they actually plan it out
-They actually wait to take that first sip in the morning or at least smell it
i am closing this article with a quote :
Never settle for shitty coffee , shitty friends or shitty men