Omg i cant believe now we can write stuff in weheartit! That's very interesting, but at same time i hope there won't be people using the articles to spam or to say unappropriete things.

In this post i would like to talk a bit about myself:

- I am currently 20 y.o
- I am brazilian/portuguese
- I love literature and philosophy!
- My favorite philosopher is Seneca
- My favorite book is Wuthering Heights..or Planet of Appes? Sorry...
- I've passed in a Philosophy course in Brazil, but I thought I should do Computer Science and I am still not sure about which one I should do lol.
- I love vintage stuff from 50s area or older
- I am a huge Selena Gomez's fan
- I have this account since 2010
- I also love kawaii stuff and san-x characters
- I was a fanatic otaku back then and if you check my old hearts you will find a lot of asian and anime content haha.
- I am learning german and i am a self-taught english speaker.

I think that's pretty much that haha. I am very surprised with this new tool in Weheartit and hopefully I am going to use it more often! =) bye bye