• Before start reading, I want to say I'm a fan of the anime and the manga.
  • My first language is Spanish, so if I have mistakes I'm so sorry.
  • This may will contain spoilers.


Yesterday I watched the movie on Netflix, and I want you to know that I didn't expect too much because EVERYONE are saying that is terrible.

I started watching the movie and looked like a normal school with this guy, named Light Turner who had a meeting with Ryuk, the shinigami, and the first thing that disappointed me was that Ryuk was teaching Light how to use the Death Note, that's okay, I think, but then, Light was shown as a guy very... stupid.

We all know that Light is a very smart guy, and he said he's not afraid of Ryuk, that he has been waiting for him. And then there's Light Turner who started running and was trying to escape of the classroom because he's afraid of Ryuk.

The second point: Mia.

Mia is a very intelligent girl, she never had a obsession with Light like we already know and she was who died, in the place of Light, in the anime. She was the only important character who died.

  • James Turner (Soichiro Yagami), L, and Light didn't die.
  • Near, Matt, Mello and Rem never appeared.
  • Mia controlled the same Death Note with Light.

Light: A normal student who saw a monster and started running. He loves Mia and had sex with her.

Yes, Light loved Mia.

He shows his intelligence until the end of the movie.

Mia: This girl who took advantage of Light to have the power of the Death Note and be a God.

L: A guy who showed his face and didn't die. His traits are very similar to #Ryuzaki but in the end, L is taken for his feelings and loses control.

This isn't what I expected when I said that I want L to survive in the anime.

And L is hated by everyone in the end.

Ryuk: The same arrogant guy from Death Note anime but in a big scale. Very big scale.

Finally, I want to say that this movie, like a separate project from the series, it's okay.

Like an adaptation. NO.

Thank you for reading.