The air was crisp, and the evening was cool. The sun was setting over the east river causing a glow across the water. Leaves rattled across the pavement, indicating that autumn was not far away. To the mundane world, it was an ordinary ending to a day, an ordinary evening in the city that never sleeps.

But what they didn't hear, is what has been kept hidden from them for a lifetime. The movement in the dark of the night; the hissing that follows. Demons. All hope is not lost for mundanes. Legend says that there are protectors. Protectors that we cannot see. Dressed in black, and quick as sound.

A faint glow creeped around the corner, and with it, came a figure. Half human, half angel, destined to protect the human world from the demon world. This was the protector. A Shadowhunter.

~ This is my first article written on my canvas, a dedication to one of my favorite book series written by the wonderful Cassandra Clare. I hope you Mortal Instruments fans enjoyed this.