fashion trends to recreate.
80s and 90s edition.

greetings and salutations.

i thought i may as well kick my first article off with one of my favourite things; fashion. i consider my 'style' to be a mix between a 70s retro look and a 90s skater girl wanna be look. odd pair i know. anywho i thought i'd tell you how to recreate some iconic looks from 80s/90s celebs and photos from the 80s/90s.

i.winona ryder mid 90s

winona ryder, 90s, and grunge image

you can't go wrong with blue jeans and a white t-shirt, ever. any type of blue jeans work, my recommendations would be either straight leg jeans (like levi 505s) or 'mom' jeans. as for your t-shirt it can be plain, have a small patch/pocket or even a nice big print of your favourite band on it; mostly everything works. a way to make the look even better is a black leather jacket. don't worry though you can use any type of black jacket. adding black shoes makes this look even better. don't forget a big black belt too. winona can pull off any look and i'm sure you can recreate 99.9% of her outfits (maybe not any from 'little women' since its set in the 1800s. correct me if i'm wrong!) so knock your self out. if you ever need a style icon for inspiration i would definitely recommend her!

ii. drew barrymore early 90s
[movie: poison ivy]

drew barrymore, 90s, and grunge image

this look gives me a 'rebellious teen who runs away' type vibe, you know? i think drews curly hair also makes this look so good. as for recreating it, any type of shorts (blue, black, tight, loose, fancy) should work although acid washed blue will give it a definite 90s vibe. finding a long necklace/pendant and sunglasses should be easy enough, i'd look in any charity shops/thrift shops/antique shops (or ask my nan, lol). it does not have to specifically be a cross, it could be anything!. for the top i'd most likely use a mesh/fishnet top paired with a red or green tank top but you can use a bralette and sew on a see through material if you're crafty or into diy. and again, a black leather jacket, like i said previously it doesn't have to be a leather jacket. we cant see drews shoes in this picture but id say pair this with any thing platformed (maybe vans or boots) or converse? i would also add fishnet tights but that isn't a must.

iii. molly ringwald late 80s

80s, Molly Ringwald, and 90s image

ok so this look is 100% inspired by the whole business/career women, i want to say movement, that happened in the eighties and it looks GOOD! so to recreate this look i would first try to some how find a blazer/suit jacket with shoulder pads (if you can't maybe you could make one somehow?) but you can always have no shoulder pads. next find a shirt with a reasonably big collar and cuffs. then a pencil skirt with a slit, which should be easy, but make sure it reaches your knee/just above. finally get some tights and heels/fancy flats then black nail varnish and you're good to go. chase your dreams, babe!!

iv. christiana applegate 80s

80s, icon, and style icon image

so with this outfit we have another bralette type top. theses are pretty in right now so find a standard plain black one should be easy. if you do however desire flowers or any type of pattern for that matter you can youtube how to transfer images onto clothes (i've forgotten myself). a big bulky belt could give this outfit more 80s vibe, you don't have to use a big belt though. christiana didn't. for shorts its the same as drew barrymore's to be honest. any will work! i think she is also wear leggings underneath her shorts so you could use ribbed tights to make it stand out more or just use thick tights. or none. up to you. accessory wise, the bigger/bulkier the better. any big bracelets will do, a necklace with a big pendant and some huge hoops should do the trick. you can find these on ebay, in odd shops or maybe someone you know has some old stuff they no longer want. for shoes i would, again, go for something platformed; or some flats/pumps.

v. christian slater late 80s
[movie: gleaming the cube 1988]

80s, actor, and skateboard image

so as a huge of christian, and this look, i'd love to recreate it.(with out the knee pads etc). but as a 15 year old girl though it may be a bit difficult. (in the respect that find stuff in a girls section that looks like this would be hard and finding something in a boys section that fits me may also be hard). anyway so as for the flannel you should be able to find one in most shops since they're actually quite in. the top could be plain black or have a print on, works both ways. the trousers could be straight leg jeans or just a chino type material. converse would be the obvious option for this look to but i think air force would also work. he also has a cross necklace on so any silver pendant or jewelry should work a treat. i feel like a beanie would go well with this if you wanted late 90s/early 00s skater vibes instead of 80s. however since christian has a frosted tips hairstyle going on you do have to question whether this look was ahead of its time.

that's all i have for today as its nearly 12am here but i hope you liked this and found it somewhat helpful/inspiring.

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