this feature is so cool - you know that feeling when you receive something you didn't know you even wanted? current mood.
ig since i don't have many people scoping my account, i could use this as like a public diary lmao since i'm too lazy to write it out in an actual journal.
- i've been binge watching south park literally all day to mask the pain of my best friend leaving for college today. we spent the last two days together crying, laughing our asses off, and being complete idiots until 2 am. i'm gonna miss her like hell.
- school for myself starts on monday [funny story actually: i woke up this morning thinking it was sunday and i was so disappointed since i thought school was beginning tomorrow until i checked snapchat and saw it was actually saturday....]
- er, i also ate a lot of spaghetti and leftovers today, go me!!!!!!!