hi! so yes, this article is going to be self promo (whoops?) because i need opinion ;)
idk if y'all are interested in this type of stuff but whatever; i am currently writing a sort of 'peter parker fanfiction'.
so, yes it's a love story, but there's an 'hidden plot' that you'll discover by reading the entire fanfiction! (& i'll try my best not to do a cheesy love story, i promise lol)
so so so my fanfiction is called 'smile 💌 peter parker' on wattpad (my @ is stilinskifox) and i hope that you'll read it and will enjoy it! (:

a lil thing; in my story, at the top of every chapter i'll put a song that you can listen to while reading the chapter & that's all lmao, love y'all

here is the link to my story: