Once upon a chilly night,
One of those where shadows overtake,
Their abyss a room for darker things to wake,
I stood outside in dying bleeding light,
Breathing in both dreams and nightmares
Carrying on this night's tide,
I suddenly found myself so very close to that border, that other side,
Dividing our world from one of ill-thought wishes,
Bestowed with very few cares.

It was in that moment that I knew,
For all those hidden thoughts and muted fears,
That the mist upon the flowers couldn't be simply passed for dew,
But rather quietly shed fairie tears.
As the realisation hit me in the depts of my pondering mind,
I felt a strange alluring pull towards their kind.
The wispering waves beyond the garden,
Urging, begging, coaxing my resolve to harden.

To explore the secrets of the other realm,
Hidden just beneath my balcony.
But -what if- I thought so cowardly,
Common sense and wonder, waging war inside of me.
What if the world in the dark expands beyond my wildest expectation?
What if the worst nightmare becomes too late a realisation?

But before that thought was finished,
All the doubts I had diminished,
My body felt itself already falling,
-feet first into darkness, crawling,
Crawling towards me, towards my soul,
Taking me in, swallowing me whole,
Into that place of fairies grieving silently,
Taking their sorrow to a place realer than the one of their misery,
Turning it into a forgotten memory,
Gone with morning's first light,
Drying grief into reality,
Leaving nothing behind to fight the other world's insanity.