The first time I noticed, really noticed, was when I standing in line for a rollercoaster with my mom. In the corner of my eye, something moved trough the air and when I looked for it, I found it on the floor. A single, brown leaf. It lay there so innocently, looking up at the still almost fully green branches it had fell from. It meant so much to me. I think school starts again in september for a reason. It's not just because we want to be free of the rigid, suffocating system that is education when the sun is out and all our being longs for freedom and fresh air. It is because in september, the first signs of autumn appear. And although I love autumn and its magical atmosphere, the subtle, slow transition from summer to autumn is almost as magical and full of symbols that mirror my life. In the beginning, in june, school had just ended. Everything felt fresh and light. There were flowers, heaps of them, filling the roadsides and beds in parks with colour and joy. Insects buzzing, the sky so clear, so blue, that the brightness almost hurts your eyes. And blackbirds, blackbirds singing their song to me at dusk, from the rooftop of my neighbor's house, while I listen from my bedroom window. We turn to july and the heat comes. We wear shorts, we go swimming, buy ice cream, go to festivals. My skin is submerged in freckles, like sparks from a bonfire. At midsummer, I'm mostly in the mountains, where the glaciers loom in the hazy skies and the insects make the meadows come alive. And now august has come. There is no lightness, the air is warm, but it is a heavy kind of warmth, though not quite the one you experience before a storm. You can feel that summer is growing tired. The flowers are gone, the branches of the fruit trees in my grandmother's backyard are heavy with harvest. The days are warm, but clouded, the sky is white with them. Nature teaches us to slowly let the freedom of summer go and turn to what is to come. For me, I'm going to move to another city, living on my own for the first time in my life. I am going to have to find a way to adapt to all the new impulses, all the new people, and my new study, which I know I'll adore. Most people think of spring as a new beginning, but I think spring is just a restart, to keep us going and happy and frivolous until the freedom of summer arrives. September is when nature loses it's frivolous nature of warmth and ease. Harvest is here, enjoy the last drops of warmth that are given to you, for soon, the cold will come. The winds will become cutting, the weather more bleak. The trees will be dressed in colour to celebrate that I've had the courage to move to my own place, and start so many beautiful things with beautiful people. Work has to be done. Let go of the azure skies, let go of the green leaves, let go of the laziness. Let the heaviness in the air not mirror the heaviness in your heart. Let autumn teach you that everything has it's time, and that everything must pass too. Harvest the land, the trees, and harvest new contacts, education and inspiration. May your harvest be bountiful this year and enjoy the last bits of summer.