From time to time I browse through Youtube to find new songs for personal playlists or just for the discovery alone. Sometimes it's quite a journey and Youtube can truly be a treasure chest full of great music.

Yesterday I found a song that wasn't really my cup of tea genre wise but it still captured my attention because the music did fit perfectly with the video art. It was a cover of Pure Imagination - a song from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
I normaly don't get that emotional while listening to music but I just felt like somebody just tore away the ground underneath me and I thought about my childhood for a long time after listening.

I realized how fast the time rushes by and how fast we have to grow up.
Growing up means to learn a lot about life but also to loose certain abilities we have as children. Especially the ability to loose yourself in your own imagination for some time and just be whoever or whatever you want to be. This actually helped me a lot through my childhood - taking my mind off reality when it sometimes just became too unbearable even though it didn't solve the problem itself.

It would be interesting to know how others felt when they heard the song and watched the video while doing so. Certainly I'm not the only one who started to think back to childhood and about how easy things seemed to be back then...

The Song:

Note: Since I'm from Germany and English isn't my first language I appologize for any grammer/spelling errors ^-^