Breaking down in tears, thinking of why no one loves you, thinking that there's no hope... Well, there's a light at the end of that lonely, dark tunnel. Everyone who ever reads this is beautiful, loved, cared for, and the best person they can ever be. I may not be able to make any of you happy, but I hope this helps, at least a little. Imagine a magnet that attracts all the negative thoughts away from your mind. Think of the positive things. Think of how you will become the best person ever, whether it be changing yourself for the better, or trying something new, or making new friends! Anything can help you on your journey to be the best.

I realize that whoever reads this won't believe me when I say this, but you are beautiful. You are inspiring. Give others a chance, what's the risk? If they break you, now you know you really can't trust them, but at least you know.

I have trust issues. I've always had trust issues. But now, I'm learning to give others a chance. Forgive and forget. And if you won't forgive, maybe you can be the bigger person, and say sorry first. Sometimes admitting to your faults lifts so many weights off your shoulder, and you feel like you can accomplish anything.

I really hope this helps someone someday. I can assure you that writing this really helped me :)