I never felt anything for poetry before you came along
You made me feel things I have never felt before, an exceptional feeling.
In the beginning I didn't understand what it was, but i knew you felt it too.

It was such a stupendous feeling, like my soul saw you and whispered in my ear: that's him.

You were the source for my inspirations
Your soul glowed with a euphoric sense, since your presence embraced me with a calm warmth.
The feeling of home was in your arms, underneath your bed sheets we build our temple
I reach climax after climax without our bodies ever touching, since your words and the taste of your being was far more than anything physical and natural.
Your love was nothing but sweet and pleasant

But now?
Now your gone, leaving a hole of despair in my heart.
Blaming you, would be like blaming the sun for shining when all it ever does is keeping us warm
I pushed you away, since I was so afraid of the most beautiful weapon we possessed.
It would be foolish of me to asked you to come back when 3 years have past and you are way ahead of me.
To this day I wish I could go back and clean up the mess I've made
But life does not work like that, we can only move forward and never back.

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