My soul was shattered into 1000 pieces spreaded all at once on the black sky ,beautiful but tragic .
Listen close in the silence killing the young seconds of my life .
can you hear it ?
My soul demanding the freedom .
My rib cage is toren apart .
I ask
take your fingers off my bleeding wound
you pretend not to listen
and you squeeze it open
like a dirty secret wrapped in shimmery wrap .
Take it
wait don't
it's all I have got left .
other than that , I don't care .
But it would be nice to get my things back .
Dear World , didn't your mother tell you not to steal other people's stuff ?
I'd like to get them back please .
I stand and point with my trembling finger
that, that, um that one and this I grab
My dignity, my spirit , my enternel peace and the old picture of me laughing out loud .
the picture is all of my hope shaped in a rectangle .
I try to hide it
deep in my chest but it hurts
I have to ache, I have to feel
So I can laugh as well as the girl I barely reconized from the picture
I swallow back the tears willing to swim across my cheeks .
I straighten up my bones .
Ready ?
Yes , I cry out .
be careful not to trip over
Run , your cure isn't as far as you may think .
it's not easy , but it's never hard

by A.S-K
-Journey to HOME