Every once in a while we all have those days where we just don't feel quite like ourselves. We mope around, complain, and starve ourselves of what our mind and body need to feel good again.

Maybe you're tired and uninspired. Maybe you're hungover and full of moral regret. Maybe you are completely lacking a sense of love, attention, or motivation. If you're human, there is a strong chance at least one of these things apply to you.

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This past week I turned 30 and have been sick with food poisoning, sun poisoning, and moral regret from being a total brat to my friend this past weekend. It's not like I acted like a complete fool but for the last few days, the combination of physical and emotional pain has left me drained. I just want to feel normal again; to feel alive.

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Here are several ideas for you to get back on your feet feeling stronger than ever before:

1. Take a warm shower or a long bath with a few drops of lavender oil and Epson Salt under soothing lights and low music
2. Call your mom or a close friend to get out all the crying you need to get out
3. Take a long nap with the drapes shut
4. Avoid alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes
5. Watch your favorite childhood movie
6. Write our your thoughts and experiences in your journal and keep it in a safe place
7. Make sure you're drinking plenty of water
8. Eat healthy meals throughout the day to give your body the proper nutrients it needs to thrive again
9. Have a cup of non-caffeinated tea
10. Stay clear of any negative energy as you rebuild your fortress of strength
11. Get an hour long massage
12. Go for a walk in nature alone or with a quiet friend who won't talk too much
13. Give gratitude for all that you are grateful for
14. Be appreciative for the kind things other people try to do for you or help you in some way
15. Give yourself a break rather than beating yourself up over whatever it is you're fretting about

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