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( I'm Dutch, my English isn't that good, don't judge me please)
  • I love love love meme's
  • I'm Dutch
  • On the 4th of September i will go too a new school and follow a study about Administration.
  • Never satisfied tbh
  • A dreamer, i have a goals list, a collection about things I want to do asap
adding more pics soon xx

This year

I really want to keep my planner up to date this year, my inspiration sources are, pinterest and weheartit.
My collection, College, I created it 2 years ago, wasn't active, but now i almost add every day a photo :) (and this year is it a goal for me to keep it up to date for u guys and myself)
I Iike dark colors, I combine them with white, grey and brown

study, coffee, and college image study, coffee, and laptop image university, bujo, and college image

I'm not that creative, but I am always trying to doodle tho :))
This is just a trying thing, just to introduce myself.
For questions, feel free to send me a private message!

(if someone wants to chat, you can always send me a message, maybe we can be penfriends through email)

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not me, I wish

Much love