The never-ending suffering of second male leads is a common and ongoing plot essential in the k-drama world. Unfortunately for us viewers its lead to many sleepless nights filled with tears and hours of screaming why, why, why? To make everybody feel a little better here’s a short list of second male leads who truly deserved a happy ending with their leading lady.

1) Moonlight Drawn by Clouds-Kim Yoon-Sung

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Who doesn’t love a cute, protective and overly supportive person to lean on? Jinyoung’s character Kim Yoon-Sung was nothing short of boyfriend goals. Showing up whenever Ra-On was at her lowest it’s as if he had a radar monitoring her emotional state, it was heart breaking when he died. What happened to his happy ending? They could’ve eloped and lived happily, they were a perfect fit without even trying. Seriously we should write our own spin off series soon.

2) Scarlet Lovers- 8th Prince Wang-Wook

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Kang Ha-Neul as Prince Wang-Wook was a better Prince Charming than Prince Charming himself. Talk about taking courting to the next level, Take notes Disney. The 8th Prince was a true gentleman displaying a very affectionate side to him. Smart, loving and overly romantic he was a dream wrapped in traditional attire. Even though he did make a number of mistakes when it came to their relationship, he truly loved and cared for Hae Soo. A happy ending for the two would have resulted in a warm and loving home, with a close and supportive family. Not that the original ending was terrible but after all that effort he at least deserved a life with the woman he loved. Even if it would’ve been just for one episode, just one.

3) She Was Pretty- Shin Hyuk

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Choi Siwons character Kim Shin-Hyuk was just too adorable for words. Loving Kim Hye-Jin as she was, no girl would ask for more. Adding a little laughter to her somewhat stressful life he really deserved a chance to make her happy as a boyfriend and a friend. Showing a more serious side when needed and willing to do anything for Hye-Jin, a chapter of their life together would’ve brought tears to our eyes. Shin Hyuk was a true ray of sunshine who was open and honest from the start. Imagine their overly active children with frizzy hair, red cheeks and freckles, aaahhh.

4) Cheese in the trap-Baek In Ho

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Baek In-Ho was a handful with a hot temper, but even so, he showed his caring side when it came to Hong Seol and his sister. Both male leads had their own issues but In-Ho seemed a more stable person emotionally when it came to his feeling for Hong Seol. What kind of relationship would they have had? Well, that’s a tough one. Baek In-Ho had a lot on his plate but maybe a loving relationship would’ve put a few things into perspective providing a solid and helpful support system for his rocky life, unlike the one with his sister. Overall, he really was a thoughtful sweetheart with a wild personality.

5) Strong Woman Do Bong Soon- In Kook-Doo

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Do Bong-Soon and Gook-Doo’s relationship was truly heart-breaking. Given the chance and right timing they would’ve made a wonderful couple. With his headstrong personality and her cute and caring side they would have complemented each other well. Having unknowingly loved and cared for her for so many years, it would’ve been interesting to see Gook-Doo finally get the chance to be with the woman he loved. Imagining her continuously trying to hide her strength from him as her boyfriend does make you chuckle a bit.

6) Hwarang- King Sam Maek-Jong

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King Sam Maek-Jong’s confession was as straight forward as they come. Knowing from the start how he felt about Ah Ro, their relationship would’ve been great had it been given space to blossom. Opposites attract is nothing but accurate when it comes to these two, well for him that is. His very no nonsense personality and her light-hearted way of life would’ve balanced out their relationship bringing a little light to his very complicated family issues. Overall his honest approach about his feelings made him extremely lovable.

7) Heirs-Choi Young-Do

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Starting off as a bit of a bully Young Do’s character development made him the second male lead of our dreams. Even though things didn’t work due to, well, a number of things, he would’ve made a surprisingly wonderful boyfriend if given the chance. Giving him the benefit of the doubt he did show his caring side the only way he knew how. Confronting those who bullied her and trying by all means to get her attention, he sure put in a lot of effort. Cha Eun-Sang’s kind nature had already started curing his unique personality. Given time it would’ve all worked out.

Have I missed any body? feel free to let me know ;]