Choosing to keep a journal has been one of the greatest decisions I have yet to make.

Being a teenager in high school, there are so many meaningless things that we keep track of. Whether it be body image, our social circle or how many images we upload on Instagram, no matter how dumb we know these things are, we still do them. Why? Because that's what everyone else is doing! We want to be like everyone else, thus losing who we actually are in the process. But, we are only teenagers, and we wouldn't be teenagers if we didn't make any mistakes figuring it out.

While I'm all for being fake and giving the future me something to laugh at, sometimes being this all-over-the-place gets exhausting. So, why not make things a bit easier for myself? Why not start a journal?


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Firstly, there's the regular Pen and Paper. This is the type of journal I started out with. Just you writing your thoughts on sheets of paper bound together.
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Then as time goes, you begin to starting crafting in your journal. People buy fancy stationary, but that isn't a must. Magazine clips and old scraps of paper work just fine.
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If your drawings are more powerful than your words, an art journal is the way to go. Personally, I can't draw a decent stick figure, but some of the things people are able to create a blank page are astonishing.
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Bullett journaling is probably the most fun type. Lists and schedules. It's a fun way to get organized.


These aren't the only journals you can keep. You can keep a journal about anything. I've seen people keep a diet and work out a journal. Or a reviewing journal where you write your opinion about the movies you saw, or the books you read. You can keep a lyric journal, where the only thing you do is write the lyrics of your favorite songs.

There isn't a wrong way to journal.

It's alright if you become unattached and don't journal for a month or a year. That's the great thing about journaling! It's yours. You can do with it as you wish. It's your private safe keep.

If you want to write all your feelings and burn it later, go ahead!

Go crazy with the power. No one can judge what you write.