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Unlike many other stories, this one doesn't start with "Once upon a time...", it starts with a young king, from a country torn apart by the second world war, and a princess who also joined the war as a volunteer. Neither of them had an easy life before. While King Michael was caught between the political games in Romania, Princess Anne Antoinette Françoise Charlotte Zita Marguerite worked as a a sales assistant in the Macy’s department store at Herald Square, New York City, earning her way through the Parson’s School of Design.

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At some point the dashing King Michael I of Romania had spotted Princess Anne in a war newsreel and requested a photograph from the film footage. However they didn't met until 1947, at Queen Elizabeth II's wedding, where as Queen Anne remembers: "I saw Queen Elena, the duchess of Aosta, her sister and mother, and talking to them, standing there was a young man in uniform, King Michael of Romania ... Since I hadn't left the army for long before I met them , instead of making a reverence, I took the position of the righteous and saluted him by striking my heels like a soldier! I felt so humiliated by myself that I immediately went out...". The King enchanted proposed her 16 days later and she initially refused, but she finally accepted after taking long walks and car drives with him.

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Although The King is recognized because of the action of August 23rd 1944, after which Romania passes on the side of the allies, thus turning arms against Nazi Germany and thus shortening the war in Europe for about 6 months, is forced by the Communists to abdicate on December 30, 1947. The two married in the summer of '48 despite the religious impediments and forced exile.The couple had five daughters. During the exile they had a chicken farm and also this time King Michael had several jobs as pilot,entrepreneur and broker. Unfortunately the fairy tale ended last year, on August 1st 2016, when Queen Anne passed away at the age of 92.

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