Friends: It’s one heck of a TV show and a pretty weird concept if you think about it. We start off as strangers, then BOOM! Instant friendship. I don’t mind the instant friendships, I just think of it as funny. Most people start their relationships with a simple conversation or gain friends from a friend’s friend group. I, however, make friends a little differently: with my power of stupidity.
Okay, maybe stupidity isn’t the right word. It’s more of idiocy and my dopey personality that run the show. However weird this relationship builder may sound, it is quite effective. I once made a nice friend by rolling down a hill in my backyard — which was a stupid idea on my part, as I nearly fell into the pond. Rolling over the grass and the rocks and the branches hurt, but at least I got a friendship out of it (place thumbs up emoji here)! Though I am an idiot, I’m not the only one.
The quote “Good friends never let you do stupid things...alone,” defines me and my friend group. We are a group of idiotic weirdos who attract a lot of judgemental looks, but quite honestly, we don’t care. We are a group of insane teenagers who do stupid acts, such as participate in a sword fight with our arms due to the lack of swords, wrangle an inflatable pool alligator named Jorge and lose to the evil item every time, throw cheez-itz at one another at the beach, only to realize the seagulls would quickly attack. In fact, if you wanted to kill someone by seagull, that would be the way to go — with Cheez-itz.
We are ones to star dance in the field next to our church then proceed to walk to small groups like we’re drunk — which is not a good idea, by the way. Or believe that an evil bird lady was coming to brainwash us all and make us her minions (in my defense, I was twelve). We are ones to laugh uncontrollably over nothing, bumping into each other, which results in bumping heads. We hurt ourselves a lot, but it is always a positive moment.
There are so many stories I can tell — stories of rolling underneath the ocean waves like a washing machine, face plant into the gym floor due to my inability to run, text Disney lyrics back and forth until we’ve reached the end of the song, run around the church like idiots, laughing, in which gives away our hiding spots. We yell, “Schmer,” confusing those around us. We dance at worship, not caring about what others think about us because we are happy and praising God in our own special way. These memories will forever be in my heart and never forgotten.
We have heard the saying, “Friends are forever,” and “Your friends will never leave you.” I disagree. Friends will come and go; it’s a part of life. I have had my fair share of failing friendships, which did not all end very well, however, there was a lesson to be learned. We are all stuck in this web we call life where trouble is a spider and happiness is the only way out, the only way you’re free. These have shown me things I never realized before: never let the bad things blind you from the good. They say friends are your long lost brothers and sisters and that you should always remember the good. I say remember both the good and the bad, and when times get tough, remember the idiots.