Everyone's skin is different. Different types, colors, the way it reacts to certain products and ingredients etc

My type of skin: I have white skin which burns easily and rarely tans, just get freckles. Its Oily. Can have a reaction to harsher products but it generally isn't too sensitive. It's acne prone and I struggle with acne scarring. I also have decent sized pores and struggle with black and white heads.

This is my skin routine and what works for me.

Cleans with Sukins foaming cleanser - I recommend this product as it isn't harsh, contains natural products, relatively cheap. Makes my skin feel and look clean and refreshed. I wouldn't recommend this to get rid of acne alone. It didn't help me get rid of my acne so I use it to just clean my face to get rid of my acne I use....
Ethique In Your Face cleansing bar. This bar I haven't been using that long but I have seen a difference with my acne already. I only get the odd one or two now.
To tone I use my witch hazel and tea tree oil toner. Really you could use whatever toner suits you.
To moisturize I use Neruims Day cream. Yes this is expensive but I was literally seeing results in days. Its an anti-aging cream but I use it all over my face but I got it for my acne scars. My scars are noticeably smaller, my skins smoother, softer.

I hardly wear make up but I recommend Garnier Micella Water as a make up remover.
I cleans with the Sukin Foam Cleanser and at the moment I am using the last of my Proactive cleanser once I run out of that I will just use the Ethique In Your Face cleansing bar.
I don't tone at night as I use the Nerium Night cream which requires you to have a slightly wet face to apply. Sometimes I like to spray a bit of Sukins toning spray after I've moisturized if I've done a work out.

During the day Tips:
1.Drink your water. I cannot stress this enough. It honestly makes your skin look so much better. You won't see results instantly but drinking more water everyday will help to clean the toxins from your body. It will make you feel better too.
It's up to you how much you drink. If you not a big water drinker start slow and gradually build up how much you drink. Day 1 drink 1 bottle. Day 2 drink 2 bottles etc. Aim for 2-3 liters of water a day. You could also add some lemon slices to make it taste better.

2. If you have oily skin use thin tissues/toilet paper/blotting paper to blot your skin.

3. Exercise. You don't need to do intense workouts. Find a workout routine that works for you. Even if its going for a walk every day.

4. Eat healthy. Find recipes for meals and snacks that include more healthier options. I'm not saying you need to completely cut out all sugar and food that's bad for you but make sure you're getting the nutrients you.

5. Don't touch your face.

Face Masks: Always remember to patch test these first.
Its up to you how many times you do a face mask but you should do at least 2 a week. I use a mix between homemade and store bought ones.
For oily skin: Lemon juice and an eggs white. Leave on until it dries. Do this once a week.
L'Oreal Charcoal clay mask. I use this at least twice a week. It pulls out all the toxins on my face and leaves the skin looking fresh and clean.
Sukin Oily balancing charcoal mask. It's gentle on the skin and balances out the oil. Leaves the skin looking brightened and clean.
Baking soda and lemon juice. Exfoliate and brightens the skin. Tightens pores.