i'm just thinking out loud...or not out loud...on my screen...punch punch pinging the letters, the keyboard; a steady melody.
i like to imagine the universe as a garden. there are masses of flowers - like planets - and there are the branches and the bark - the stars festooning the planets in their aura. it doesn't make much sense. it'll take a little more thought. but i'm almost entirely sure that every aspect of life reflects another.
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like organisms containing cells and cities containing people. the macrocosm reflect the microcosm. they dance and swirl in a kind of agreement - and that agreement demands that everything - at it's core is the same, with a different flare for style.
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but again, this is just thinking out loud. nothing to heed. nothing really.
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hihi! this article is mainly me getting a feel for the format of the new WHI feature! I look forward to creating more articles in the future (I'll likely attempt to create one a week in a blog-format). Thank you so much for reading and being here! It's all appreciated! S P R E A D L O V E