Hello Everyone this is my first Article and what a better way to get into it then to talk about my favorite albums for the summer!

Every week I am going to post a new article about anything from fashion to tips, music, style, beauty hacks, etc. I hope you like it !

So let us get right into it!

  • Lust for Life by Lana Del Rey

This is probably one of my favorite albums by Lana. Every song on the album is so unique in it's own way and I am loving this music style she does! Her voice is so angelic that every song is done to perfection. But if I had to choose some favorites they would be: 13 Beaches, Cherry, Get Free, White Mustang and God Bless America and all the Beautiful Women In It.

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  • American Teen by Khalid

I just started listening to Khalid and I absolutely love his voice and music. I listen to this album regularly. Some of my favs include: Angels, Shot Down, Winter and of course Young, Dumb & Broke

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  • Harry Styles by Harry Styles

I must say I am proud that the 1D boys are going solo for a bit because I loved Zayn's solo album and now I love Harry's. It's so different then their usual music that they made together. I really like the soft rock taste. Some of my fav's are: Sweet Creature, Kiwi, Woman & Sign of the Times.

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To finish off with my Favorite Album choices for the summer it will easily have to be

  • Everything Now by Arcade Fire

I am a big Arcade Fire fan and when I heard that this great Canadian indie rock band made a new album I was quick to listen and I love it! But Some of my fav's will have to be: Signs of Life, Good God Damn and Electric Blue.

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I hope you enjoyed this article and I will post another next week! I love you all who follows and I love everyone who posts!

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