Well, here we are. This is actually pretty funny, as just this morning I was thinking about how WHI could add a blog post option. I might actually use this. I don't exactly know for what, yet; maybe kpop related things, like comebacks? Or maybe Kdramas, or fashion or something?
For now, I'm just gonna test some things out real quick, lmao.

bts, hobi, and hoseok image
wow, thats cool. I wasnt expecting a gif to work but would you look at that.

Honestly, I have no idea why WHI would pick me as someone to test this.... did they just let everyone test it........ someone @ WHI, if you read this... pls explain...


sky, moon, and ocean image black, aesthetic, and korean image aesthetic and pink image aesthetic, photography, and flowers image
w0w that is art-zy


wow, look at all my posts in one convenient collection

this is so cool omg

Fancy Text?

can it support Korean, though?
와! 한국어도 있어!!
it can


I cant think of any so! song lyrics.

나를 채운 니 온기가 내겐 전부인걸
— Hongseob, "너 하나면 돼"
너무 가깝잖아 온 세상이 막 어지럽던 그 순간
— Sujeong, "지금, 우리"


Some bias groups in no order

  • bangtan
  • vixx
  • twice
  • exo
  • seventeen
  • gfriend

idk my music taste is pretty basic


Well, follow me @softhobistan.. haha self promotion is fun. #Realfun !

Well, I guess thats all! I sure hope this becomes a permanent feature, it's fun!

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