Greece is a beautiful place with both heritage and grace. Now, Greece has been hitting headlines across the world with what seems like a crisis every other day.

Let's take a look at the magnificent sights of Greece with the help of my 'I left my heart in Greece' collection.


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This is the type of architecture you can expect from Greece. It is always very sleek and smooth, but still maintains an air of intricacy almost like a maze.

Many buildings and structures in Greece feel very simple while many can be very detailed, but a common attribute among them all is that they are refined and well built.


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The beautiful coast of Greece is a magnificent sight if you get it from the right angle. The seas are a beautiful blue and expand far across the horizon.

The rocks are beautifully formed and softly merge with the sea in perfect harmony.


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Although many of the colours in Greece are constant, many times buildings and communities break away from the usual and when they do, it is beautiful. Whether it's an accent of yellow or a whole building painted green, new colours are fresh and it makes you appreciate them even more.

Flowers are also used very effectively in bringing colour to Greece. Their beauty and elegance brings a new edge to the usual Greece architecture.