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Arieℓ ⚝

B.A.P (Best Absolute Perfect) debuted on January 26, 2012, under TS Entertainment.
Fandom Name: Baby
Fan Color: Spring Green

Bang Yongguk(방용국)
Main Rapper, Leader
March 31,1990

Kim Himchan(김힘찬)
Sub-Vocal, Rapper, Visual
April 19,1990

Jung Daehyun(정대현)
Main Vocalist, Face of the Group
June 28,1993

Yoo Youngjae(유영재 )
Lead Vocalist
January 24,1994

Moon Jongup(문종업)
Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist
February 6,1995

Choi Junhong(최준홍)
Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer, Maknae
October 15,1996