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Down syndrome
down syndrome
down syndrome
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FunSubstance - It's so fun, I can't even
show them love and care.. 😫
#EveryLifeHasValue 😓
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Oh my gosh 😊
Madeline Stuart: La aspirante a modelo con Síndrome de Down - Entérate Ahora
A High School Quarterback Took His Friend With Down Syndrome to Prom 7 Years After Promising He Would | Entertainment Tonight
ZonePics   –  Portraits Of People From 9 Months To 60 Years Of Age With Down Syndrome
One of the many pictures of this lovely girl with Down Syndrome on stage with Mushroomhead... Thanks to Waylon.. Stitch.. Skinny.. Diablo.. Ryan.. J-Man.. Jeff Hatrix.. Tommy Church.. And Schmitz...for making it the most memorable might for her...
jamie brewer
Portrait of Down Syndrome