「BLAϽKPINK is the Revolution」

by @lily


●널 닮은 듯한 슬픈 멜로디
This sad melody resembles you
이렇게 날 울리는데
It makes me
네 향기는 달콤한 Felony
Your scent is a sweet felony
너무 밉지만 사랑해
I hate you so much but i love you

- 「 Blackpink-Stay 」💙

●아픔도 모르게 빨랐던 시간만큼
Like the time I moved so fast I couldn't feel the pain
너는 훅 간 거야 지금 방금
You've gone in a flash
내가 누군지 까먹었니 똑바로 기억해
Have you forgotten who I am? Try to remember
I’m a boss bish

-Blackpink 「See U Later」💜