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girls planet 999

by @lili


not my picks just all the 99 girls :3

my first top 9 ever: ririka, suyeon, myah, ziyin, yurina, hyerim, kotone, xiaoting and zige
my 2nd top 9(12)!!: ririka, myah, suyeon, ziyin, yeyoung <3 xiaoting, bora, doah, dayeon, yeseo, kotone and jia
my top 9 after the 2nd elimination u.u ririka, myah, suyeon, yaning, yeseo, dayeon, bora, manami and kotone or xiaoting
my top after the 3rd elimination. yeseo, yaning, mashiro, chaehyun, myah, suyeon, bora, youngeun and bahiyyih.