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by @ɥɔʇᴉq ๅnɟǝʇɐɹɓun

ɥɔʇᴉq ๅnɟǝʇɐɹɓun

"ιи σяdεя ƒσя тнε lιgнт тσ ѕнιиε ѕσ вяιgнтlч, тнεяε мυѕт вε dαякиεѕѕ ρяεѕεит."
+ buy me diamonds - bea miller +
{ yuta } + { 19 yrs }
- came out as gay to his conservative homophobic dad in the 50s & got kicked out of his house
- worked at a diner, didn't make much money but was able to scrape up enough to rent a motel room
- gangleader holds up this diner he works at & he surprisingly doesn't get killed but he does get fired
- meets the guy a few more times
- falls in love & runs away with him