A love that consumes you 💑 ━ Delena

by @kingslayer ♔

kingslayer ♔

━ Do you see a future with me? Because that' s all I see. ( Elena Gilbert )
━ All I see in five years from now... is you. ( Damon Salvatore ) 
That's one of my greatest OTP ever. I' ve loved them since season 2 of TVD; their chemestry's inimitable, & their storyline's sufficient fulfilling.
' Yoυ wαɴт α love тнαт coɴѕυмeѕ yoυ. Yoυ wαɴт pαѕѕιoɴ, αɴd αdveɴтυre, αɴd eveɴ α lιттle dαɴɢer. '