Hi Hearters!

December is here!! I tend to opt for comfort over style when dressing for winter weather, but I've recently learned that it's possible to be both comfortable and stylish 🤯! To encourage myself to put more effort into my winter outfits, I created an outfits challenge on my IG page (@ronniefits)... and I want you to join me!

🎄The Challenge

I put together a list of prompts for each day of December. The point of the challenge is simply to create and/or share photos of outfits that you feel match with each prompt <3 You can even use these prompts for drawings, writing, or anything you'd like.

art, writing, and fashion image

🎄The Rules

Every time you post an outfit (or anything related to the prompts), just tag my IG page (ig: @ronniefits) & use the hashtag #stylecember, and I'll give you my love and support!

It's okay to miss days and you can start whenever you want & with whichever prompt you'd like or feel comfortable with 💕

That's all for now. I can't wait to see what you come up with! <3