I'm sorry.

I'm sorry you found me broken; lying on an empty road drowning in the my orange tinted tear-puddle; reflecting the streetlights i used to love, once.

I'm sorry you have to un-puzzle me each time you remove my hair from my bare back to touch the scars i didnt inflict on myself.

I'm sorry I feel unpredictable, incomplete, dizzy, uneasy, paranoid, obnoxious... dead sometimes... I never intended to.

I try scratching my brain and I still cant fathom why this human chose to step in. knowing that I am unpredictable, incomplete... dead...

why does he grow flowers on my chest, fill air in my battered lungs, pump 'love' in my tethered heart.

I don't know.

when I try to unravel it, it frightens me. to face to abundance... the blinding light it gives me.

So I step back like a creature who'd die as soon as it touches sunlight... and I continue to observe him with my incomplete self. 

Maybe that's Love... him being the sun and maybe me being the moon... living by his light; to love and to heal... 

Would facing him cause an eclipse? 

I'm learning... like I said... that's love

I love him, with this unpredictable and lost heart.

and for once
I wish that I weren't this broken and answer his abundance with mine.

but I wait... I wait, for one day, his light will be enough soon, to make this moon 'full' and never turn back to dust again.