Hi guys, for today's article, since today it is December 1st, I wanted to do a Christmas related article ahah because I'm so into the mood as always, this year probably even more, but I still have to put up my tree and all the decorations, which I would probably do next weekend ! So yes, I wanted to start with something fashion related for this Christmas, and actually I already wrote similar articles in the past, so here they are :

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- Red

so, first of all we're starting with the red color, which I actually didn't love in the past, especially because I'm a redhead and so I think it doesn't look super good on me, which is true, but then I started to like it and rn I own a couple of pieces in red, and especially on xmas I think it is a super fun a right color to wear, especially if you have black hair and it looks super good on you haha so I'm going to give you different and new ideas and ways to wear red for xmas :

belt, black, and boots image
red sweater dress
chic, elegant, and silky image dress, dresses, and red image dress, fashion, and red image dress, fashion, and goal image fashion, red, and dress image dress, silk, and fashion image
red silky dress (long or mini)

red skirt with black clothes

fashion, style, and skirt image autumn, beautiful woman, and brunette image
red sweater / top with tartan skirt
fashion image fashion, outfit, and style image
fashion, outfit, and style image
red coat
accessories, dresses, and jeans image accessories, winter, and beauty image
red tartan skirt
bag, scarf, and skirt image beanie, hat, and red image
red beanie and scarf
red and style image blue, checkered, and pijama image winter, christmas, and Cookies image night, passion, and pijama image red, lingerie, and sexy image gold, pijama, and red image
red pijama
aesthetic, words, and crimson image red, sweatshirt, and sporty chic image
red sweatshirt
christmas, winter, and coffee image christmas, girls, and jumper image
red xmas sweater
blouse, fashionable, and glam image
red blouse and white pants
dress, fashion, and style image red, ruby, and aesthetic image dress, fashion, and luxury image barbie, classy, and red image
red glitter
style, fashion, and outfit image
red and black leather skirt
fashion, dress, and Givenchy image dress, flare, and fashion image
red mini dress
blonde, designer, and chic image beauty, diamonds, and jumpsuit image
red jumpsuit
boot, fire, and sandals image black, heels, and flip flips image Image by Liliam Oliveira fire, red, and sandal image
red heels

- Burgundy

this is another super xmasy color that I want to recommend you !

beauty, golden, and hair image
boots, christmas, and jeans image blonde, burgundy, and designer image fashion, style, and skirt image aesthetic, burgundy, and grid image
burgundy and tartan
Image by C.S.P♡
burgundy Dr. Martens and scarf
fashion, skirt, and style image
scarf and purse
amulet, autumn, and bag image
sweater and skirt
blonde, burgundy, and clutch image
two-piece set
fashion, pink, and outfit image
with pink
bag, boots, and burgundy image fashion, outfit, and style image
with black
accesories, beret, and burgundy image
with grey
fashion, dress, and style image
midi dress
burgundy, fashion, and skirt image
elegant skirt
burgundy, satin, and Couture image red, dress, and burgundy image dresses, evening dress, and velvet image fashion, dress, and red image burgundy, necklaces, and dress image chic, dress, and fashion image
velvet dress
fashion, heels, and mango image burgundy, chaussures, and heels image burgundy, chaussures, and talon image burgundy, fashion, and shoes image shoes, fashion, and boots image aesthetic, fashion, and glamour image
fashion, style, and outfit image

- Glitter

I think glitter clothing is perfect for Christmas and so elegant :)

fashion, moda, and ropa image
formal top with black pants
fashion, glitter, and girls image black, denim, and outfit image
glitter silver top with jeans
aesthetics, heels, and style image
silver leggins
fashion and style image
glitter corset
diamante, strass, and diamond image
pants with glitter fringes
fashion, style, and outfit image
glitter formal outfit
fashion, glitter, and style image fashion, style, and glitter image fashion, dress, and high heels image fashion, shoes, and top image clothes, fashion, and gold image bags, styles, and pants image
glitter disco pants
dress, gold, and beauty image dress, fashion, and style image beauty, black, and diamonds image blush, pink, and santa image black, diamonds, and fitness image fashion, dress, and outfit image

- Black chic look

blouse, crop top, and © image fashion, dress, and black image fashion, lace, and style image fashion, girl, and style image
black lace details
black, blouse, and long sleeves image fashion, style, and outfit image
black blouse
accesories, bag, and blouse image
black leather leggings
fashion, style, and black image
black formal look
fashion, girl, and dress image beauty, black, and hair image
black dress
fashion and outfit image
black boots
black, heels, and boots image fashion, shoes, and black image black heels, classy, and high heels image fashion, shoes, and woman image shoes, luxury, and girl image shoes, fashion, and Versace image
black heels

- White chic look

fashion, style, and classy image black & white, chic, and fashion image
white lace blouse
fashion, style, and chic image blogger, outfit, and everyday look image blogger, bottega veneta, and Burberry image everyday look, white blouse, and black belt image
regular white blouse
long sleeve top, everyday look, and fashionista fashionable image
white two-piece set
film, glamour, and glitter image fashion, heels, and shoes image girl, girls, and Luxo image shoes and ‎zapatos‬ ‪ image fashion, shoes, and lookbook image fashion, heels, and style image
white heels

- Green

beauty, blonde, and blondie image casual, classy, and date image dress, fashion, and green image beautiful, lifestyle, and beauty image
elegant dress
shoes, green, and heels image fashion, shoes, and green image
green heels

for this last color, I only wanted to give some inspiration, because I think it is super elegant and beautiful as well ! and also festive :) even if it is a color that not a lot of people wear, and personally I only have like one forest green sweater, but I want to incorporate it more !

So, the article is over, thank you for reading and hearting and for your support, next articles are coming soon