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It´s time to Gemini. First let´s see basic info of this zodiac sign.

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Is the third astrological sign in the zodiac cyrcle. The Gemini zodiac sign is represented by a pair of twins. They are one of the most emotionally intelligent signs. Those who fall underneath this sign are generally most happy when they are with others, and don't do well by themselves. They are highly passionate and easy-going people who are always ready for an adventure or intellectual conversation. Clever and curious Gemini is a sign that thinks fast, communicates well, and is full of ideas. Geminis also have a sense of humor that can help others escape any depressive state of mind. This zodiac sign can make the most out of any bad situation.

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Symbol: The Twins
Element: Air
Color: Light-Green,Yellow
Day: Wednesday
Ruler: Mercury
Lucky Numbers: 5,7,14,23
Date range: May 21 - June 20
Greastest Overall Compatibilty: Sagittaurus,Aquarius

Strengths: Gentle, charming, affectionate, smart, curious, adaptable, ability to learn quickly and exchange ideas.
Weaknesses: Nervous, inconsistent, indecisive, easily distracted, manipulator.


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Male Idols

Suho from Exo

exo and suho image exo, kim, and junmyeon image
May 22.05.91

Jacob from The boyz

jacob, the boyz, and tbz image boys, icon, and icons image
May 30.05.97


boys, fashion, and korean image edawn, hyojong, and pentagon image
Jun 1.06.94

Jun from A.C.E

ace, junhee, and a.c.e image ace, wow, and selca image
Jun 2.06.94

Haechan from NCT

johnny, taeyoung, and jaemin image donghyuck, nct, and haechan image
Jun 6.06.2000

Jun from Seventeen

icon, jun, and kpop image jun, wen junhui, and kpop image
Jun 10.06.96

Taeil from NCT

kpop, taeil, and nct image kpop, taeil, and nct image
Jun 14.06.94

Hoshi from Seventeen

Seventeen, kwon soonyoung, and hoshi image Seventeen, hoshi, and soonyoung image
Jun 15.06.96

Yeosang from Ateez

kpop, kang, and yeosang image icon, kpop, and kang yeosang image
Jun 15.06.99

Shownu from Monsta X

kpop, son, and hyunwoo image kpop, son, and hyunwoo image
Jun 18.06.92
Female Idols

Yves from Loona

loona, yves, and lq image kpop, yves, and ggs image
May 24.05.97

Yeji from Itzy

hwang yeji itzy pink lq image itzy, yeji, and icon image
May 26.05.99

Dahyun from Twice

aesthetic, girl, and kpop image gg, kpop, and twice image
May 28.05.98

Eunha from Viviz

vocalist, eunha, and gfriend image vocalist, gfriendedit, and viviz image
May 30.05.97

Sinb from Viviz

sinb, gfriend, and cute image aesthetic, girl, and icons image
Jun 3.06.98

Chaeryeong from Itzy

chaeryeong, chaeryeong icons, and chaeryeong itzy image beautiful, itzy, and outfitinspiration image
Jun 5.06.01


hyuna and kim hyuna image 4minute, hyuna, and kim hyuna image
Jun 6.06.92

Jinsoul from Loona

jinsoul and loona image jinsoul and loona image
Jun 13.06.97

Tzuyu from Twice

idol, tzuyu, and kpop image twice, kpop, and tzuyu image
Jun 14.06.99

Arin from Oh My Girl

arin, oh my girl, and kpop image Halloween, kpop, and lq image
Jun 18.06.99

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