Hi guys, for today I'm back with a new article about winter of course, since tomorrow it is going to be December, so stay tuned for more articles about winter and of course Christmas, because I have so many ideas already :)

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- Dark grey

boots, grey, and style image
fashion, style, and outfit image
fashion and outfit image
blogger, fashion, and grey coat image

- Light grey

fashion, style, and outfit image
hair and braid image
blogger, fashion, and grey blazer image
fashion, style, and outfit image

- Black

black, new york, and style image
black, blogger, and chic image
black, blogger, and chanel image
black, blogger, and chic image
beauty, brown nails, and fashion image

- White

blogger, outfit, and white image
beauty, look, and classy image
fashion, luxury, and tumblr image beauty, look, and smart image
accesories, necklaces, and Prada image

- Lilac

Image by themes
bag, fashion, and lavender image
makeup, purple, and aesthetic image
blogger, chic, and classy image blogger, chic, and fashion image
cozy, fashion, and lavender image

- Purple

clothes, outfit, and fashion image
jacket, outfit, and purple color image
aesthetic, fashion, and alternative image
pastel, purple, and pastel purple image

- Dark blue

dress, fashion, and outfit image
blue, style, and body image aesthetic, blue, and fashion image
chanel bag and fashion image
ball gown, prom dress, and long prom dress image

- Violet

delicate, fashion, and heels image
purple, aesthetic, and outfit image chic, fashion, and dress image
lilac and purple eyeshadow image
fashion, purple, and hair image

- Magenta

pink and texture image
dress, fashion, and girl image
dress, kendall jenner, and model image
shoes, pink, and red image

- Burgundy

burgundy, fashion, and preppy image
style, fashion, and bodysuit image burgundy, dress, and model image dresses, evening dress, and formal wear image dress, fashion, and style image
shoes, heels, and red image
bag, chanel, and fashion image

- Red

date, dress, and feminine image fashion, alllook, and lookbook image
red dress, woman, and Zac Posen image
aesthetic, alternative, and boho image
beautiful, dress, and outfit image
body, fashion, and romance image

- Light yellow

light yellow image
beverage, fashion, and light yellow image fashion, yellow, and aesthetic image
fashion, style, and yellow image

- Aquamarine

fashion and outfit image
corset, style, and tumblr image
fashion, girl, and outfit image green, fashion, and girl image
aesthetic, vintage, and blu image
Image by 311616am

- Forest green

accessories, chic, and clothes image
autumn, style, and fall image
aesthetic, fashion, and vogue image

- Deep green

blogger, coffee, and fashion image
beauty, blonde, and chic image


- Silver sparkly

christmas, nail art, and sparkly image
beauty, fashion, and glitter image
nails image

- Rose gold and nude

design, glam, and style image
glitter, nail inspiration, and manicure nails image

- Grey

grey, nail, and nails image
nails, grey, and beauty image
aesthetic, cosmetics, and nail image

- White marble

black, marble, and white. grey image
nails image

- Gold stars

nails, stars, and gold image
nails, yellow, and stars image
nails, stars, and tattoo image
nails, christmas, and christmas tree image

- Nude

nails, Nude, and pink image
fashion, nails, and style image

- Winter palette

nails colors nude woman image Image removed

- Aquamarine nails

nails, green, and manicure image
aqua, blue, and manicure image
nail art, nails, and style image
nails, green, and beauty image

- Indigo and light blue

nails, fashion, and spring image
fashion and style image
blue, grey, and nail polish image

- Snow flakes and winter theme

Image by lisa
christmas, nail art, and nails image

- Christmas theme

nail art, autumn winter, and christmas inspiration image
christmas, nail art, and nails image
nail art, festive season, and autumn winter image
autumn, nail art, and winter image
acrylic image