Hi,hello! Iยดm here again with another article this time about kpop

idols with the same height as me

boca, dreamcatcher, and icon image aesthetic, exy, and icons image fashion, look, and jiwoo image chair, kpop, and sinb image
handong (dreamcatcher), seola (cosmic girls), ji woo (kard), sin b (gfriend): 165cm!

idols with the same birth year as me

gg, minjeong, and aespa image stray kids, jeongin, and i.n image somi image heeseung and enhypen image
winter (aespa), i.n (stray kids), somi, heeseung (enhypen): 2001!!

idols with the same zodiac sign as me

monsta x, im changkyun, and im image dreamcatcher and lee gahyeon image Ikon, ikonic, and jay image film, kpop, and red velvet image
I.M (monsta x), gahyeon (dreamcatcher), jay (ikon), seulgi (red velvet): aquarius

idols with the same style as me

got7, yugyeom, and kim yugyeom image Image by Lisa fashion, look, and women image jk, koo, and bts image
yugyeom (got7), lisa (blackpink), wheein (mamamoo), jungkook (bts)

idols with the same mbti as me

eric, the boyz, and eric sohn image Image by Briden Ynkinson asian boy, asian styles, and jackson wang image Image by v
eric (the boyz), minnie ((g)-idle), jackson (got7), yuna (itzy): enfj!!

idols with the same hobby as me

lq, nct, and low quality image kpop and hyuna image iu, icon, and jieun image pretty boy, SHINee, and shawols image
taeyong (nct): go shopping, hyuna: watching movies, iu: reading, taemin (shinee): listening to music

idols with the same physical feature as me

twice, sana, and sana minatozaki image kpop, vernon, and unfiltered image kpop, enhypen, and korean boy image johnny, lq, and nct image
sana (twice), vernon (seventeen), sunghoon (enhypen), johnny (nct)

Finish!! This is all for this article, Kisses.