Today I want to write a topic about ways to expand thoughts.
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📎 1. Move to another location when thinking about what you would like to do. (Movement changes emotions, and a new location helps you think from new perspectives.)

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📎 2. Think about your problem (opportunity!) From the other person's point of view. Imagine someone you admire is giving advice on what to do. (This takes practice, but you will get many different answers that can be very helpful.)

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📎 3. Draw a picture of your dreams. Imagine how it sounds, feels, smells. (We attach importance to everything through our 5 senses.)

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📎 4. Find someone who does what you want and ask him for advice. (This is called modeling. If what they're doing works for them, why doesn't it work for you?)

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📎 5. Determine what it means to you to be successful. (You may need to define a different, unconventional definition of success.)

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📎 6. Think often about how you can start doing what you love. (Think about how you will think about it; change your usual negative thought patterns.)

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📎 7. Laugh. (Humor helps change the negative thinking patterns you use when considering new opportunities.)

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