Hi,hello! Iยดll be doing again the this or that challenge but this time kpop edition

concerts or fansigns?

aesthetic, army, and bts concert image aesthetic, kpop, and bg image

cute or mature concepts?

concept, taehyun, and yeonjun image ace, pirate, and kpop image
mature concepts

boy groups or girl groups?

icons, kpop, and lq image dark, edgy, and emo image

groups or soloists?

CL, straykids, and exo image group photo and nct image

vocalists or rappers?

dreamcatcher, girls, and kpop image handsome, kpop, and got7 image

hyung/unnie line or maknae line?

black, dark, and uniq image v, jk, and bts image

b-sides or title tracks?

jung, atz, and choi image dreamcather, yoohyeon, and dami image
title tracks

solos or sub-units?

changmin, k-pop, and kpop image girls, lia, and icon image

albums or lightsticks?

exo, ๋ฐฑํ˜„, and baekhyun image aesthetic, album, and kpop image

live stages or dance practices?

aesthetic, doll, and dollface image boys, boyz, and crew image

big 3 or smaller companies?

seulgi and seulgi icons image Image by โœจAngeliki ~ The MoonlightBaeโœจ

ballads or "loud" songs?

boy, dark, and hair image girls, twice, and sana icons image

korean or western collabs?

loona, gowon, and olivia hye image details, messy, and preview image

korean or chinese/japanese/english versions?

aesthetics, cyber, and dark image ateez, seonghwa, and kq image
korean and japanese

actual song or meaning of the lyrics?

iu, preview, and lee jieun image boys, jay, and lq image

dance or singing/rapping covers?

red velvet, irene, and bae joohyun image details, icons, and kpop image
i love all the covers

smaller groups or bigger groups?

exid, hani, and hani exid image kpop, preview, and tae image

popular or underrated groups?

archive, gg, and kpop image Seventeen, wonwoo, and minghao image

vlive or instagram live?

Kei, preview, and jiyeon image k-pop, kpop, and preview image

produce 101 or produce 48?

2000, boy, and wanna one image girl group, kpop, and starship entertainment image
produce 101

edm or vocal choruses?

dreamcatcher and jiu image Hot, icon, and kpop image
vocal choruses

mv or performance videos?

aesthetic, mv, and solar image aesthetic, blue, and mv image

dance breaks or not?

boys, johnny, and kpop image kpop and enhypen image
dance breaks

I hope you like it, Kisses