Hii, here are some of my playlists. Enjoy!

*✧・゚: Link to my spotify:


*✧・゚: 🌴☀️:

it's summer, roll the windows down


aesthetic, green, and car image brown, car, and colour image
artists in the playlist: lauv, shoffy, shy martin, lany, blackbear, khalid

*✧・゚: l o u d:

a little rock never hurt nobody


archive image Image by ⠀ guitar, music, and rock image aesthetic image
artists in the playlist: bring me the horizon, thousand foot krutch, andy black, my darkest days, skillet

*✧・゚: v i b e y:

you're in the bathroom of an underground strip club


neon, purple, and aesthetic image chic, club, and dancer image purple, aesthetic, and car image purple and neon image
artists in the playlist: always never, chase atlantic, ja¥en x district, brennan savage

*✧・゚: chilly nights:

it's 2am and it's raining and you're driving


aesthetic, city, and glow image night, light, and aesthetic image
artists in the playlist: 6lack, 2scratch, post malone, lany, rini, saint jhn, kodamilo

*✧・゚: bad b energy:

your daily confidence boost


gossip girl, blair waldorf, and Upper East Side image girl, cindy kimberly, and aesthetic image Image by Moriah aesthetic, grunge, and movie image
artists in the playlist: ariana grande, madison beer, ellise, drake, kehlani, olivia obrien

*✧・゚: fav szn ❄️:

it's finally december, let's get into the christmas spirit


christmas, cinnamon roll, and drink image christmas, dog, and puppy image christmas, winter, and cozy image christmas and Cookies image
artists in the playlist: wham!, michael buble, justin bieber, ariana grande, mariah carey

*✧・゚: country:


idk why people don't like country

music, aesthetic, and beige image aesthetic, beige, and FRUiTS image
artists in the playlist: chris young, dan + shay, chris lane, fo&o, keith urban, thomas rhett

*✧・゚: sad?:

for when you're sad but don't want to cry


sad, aesthetic, and theme image aesthetic, dog, and puppy image
artists in the playlist: lewis capaldi, shawn mendes, ruel, alessia cara, adele, james bay

*✧・゚: sad.:

for when you're sad but want to cry


feelings, life, and lonely image aesthetic, quotes, and mood image
artists in the playlist: aidan martin, billie eilish, tedy, isak danielson, duncan laurence

*✧・゚: chill:

chill vibes only


girl, lingerie, and bed image aesthetic, girl, and book image girl, home, and aesthetic image Image by hikaru
artists in the playlist: alina baraz, fka twigs, lana del rey, billie eilish, broods, ellise, bulow

*✧・゚:Hope you liked the article and the playlists. Stay safe and see you soon!