Hello~! Hope you are having an amazing day and I decided to take a break from writing about the Character Questions but I promise to write some more articles about more Questions for characters.

Today I wanted to talk about something called Show don't tell.
If your like me this subject is kinda hard to talk about because I'm terrible about showing vs telling. But I came up with exercises to help improve on this.

Exercise 1

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Pick from the list!

So this is pretty easy to do but first pick a quality from one of these listed on this list.
1. Fast runner
2. Drama Queen
3. Stubborn
4. Two faced
5. Badass
6. Shy/quiet
Now once you pick one or two of these traits try to describe the character your writing without using the actual word. An example of this would be like I picked fast runner. So, now I would have to describe my character as a fast runner without saying they are fast at running.

Example: John’s legs were feeling heavy and on fire. He knew he wasn’t the best at math or the best at any other sport. But this. This he was good at. He felt the music of his earbuds and ran with the music. He didn’t realize this but after a while he had passed so many people in his class. As he kept pushing himself farther. He imagined some sort of monster chasing him as he headed to the finish line. His PE teacher would be proud of him. He had won the race, proving he was finally good at something.

Exercise 2

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Rewriting scenes!

For this exercise all you would have to do is rewrite scenes. An example is like: "It was a dark and stormy night."
Now you would just have to rewrite it to something like this: "It was loud enough to be heard for miles as the clap of thunder alerted Sama. She looked around from the light tower. Nothing was seen but every once and a while she’d see some lightning and rain. She was safe in her lighthouse. Or so she’d hoped."

I hope you found this helpful! Have a good rest of your day :)

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