I see a light at the end of the road
The lighter it gets, the further I go
It's slowly fading, can't see it anymore
I'm getting scared, I'm not prepared at all

Here I am, here I am again
This place I'm so familiar with
Everything's the same
Humming conversations, messy, closed- in- air,
Lowering expectations, neverending nightmare

The Ocean is on fire, chuck it in the bin
Catching Corporate liars trying to cash in on
Human needs, catastrophes, supporting police brutality,
Sending rich men into space, pretending to support the gays

How dare I get my hopes up?
Unfair of life to go this way
Letting things end abrupt
Can't seem to catch a f*cking break

Here we are, here we are again
The place we're so familiar with
Everything's the same
"Happy" celebrities, seemingly okay, showing fake sincerity, feeling so betrayed

Thought it was getting better, maybe I was wrong
Ask me I won't answer you, no idea what's going on.
Trying to undo the damage that's been done
Not being taken seriously by anyone
Say welcome to the new, let go of the old
Forgetting all the lies, we've all once been told.