If a woman wants to learn to love herself, she should know how to appreciate her appearance. Women often examine themselves through the characters in literary, film and television works, and compare themselves with the people around them in reality. They always blindly frown, or passively feel ashamed, and rarely take the initiative to appreciate themselves. In fact, no one in the world is perfect. It is precisely because of imperfection that life will produce many personalities, many characteristics and be so colorful. In life, we can often see that even if a woman with ordinary appearance and ordinary figure, even if she has no enviable beauty and no soul stirring sexy at a glance, she may have a kind heart, gentle temperament, intelligent mind and magnetic voice, infect you and even move you. In fact, the visual beauty will become dull after familiarity, but the feeling of beauty will last longer and longer. Therefore, no matter whether they are beautiful or ugly, women don't need to compare with others. They should see their own beauty, find out what is more beautiful than others, and show it to others generously, even if the beauty is just insignificant eyebrows, auricles, fingers, hair and clean and delicate skin. Only in this way can you have the courage to communicate with others, Will really love yourself.