name: XOX
company: SM
members: 5
fandom name: cupids
official colors: angel pink and white
debut date: december 12th, 2020



jhene aiko image natural beauty, pretty, and bare face image
birth name: saelim naisha
position: lead rapper, visual
age: 18
training period: 1 year
nationality afro thai

- she has a younger sister
- was a soundcloud artist before her debut
- her favorite season is winter
- was on stantwt


girls, shen xiaoting, and xiaoting image preview, shen xiaoting, and kep1er image
birth name: su jia li
position: lead dancer, sub vocalist
age: 25
training period: 6 years
nationality: chinese

- she loves to read
- she can speak 10 languages
- she is very optimistic
- she's a hardcore gg stan
- loves dancing


actress, model, and hoyeon image fashion, outfits, and squidegame image
birth name: lee jacqueline
position: sub vocalist
age: 21
training period: 6 months
nationality: korean american

- shes a kdrama actor
- basketball fan
- is an only child


kdrama, netflix, and jiyeong image actress, kdrama, and squid game image
birth name: yoo ryu-chung
position: sub vocalist
age: 20
training period: 7 years
nationality: korean

- also a well known drama actor and trainee before her debut
- she loves fashion
- she's really good at cooking


aesthetic, after school, and icons image im jin ah, femaleidolsedit, and kgoddesses image
birth name: kim ye-ho
position: sub vocalist
age: 23
training period: 1 day
nationality: korean american
subunit: XOX RED

- a big bg stan
- hates doing aegyo
- very blunt and shows little emotion
- was apart of a temporary kpop group that lasted 2 years