What the HELL, is this ‘Seven Year Itch’?
- By Jacquline G.

“Lately, I’ve started to notice changes in me that are so out of my character. Just not who I am ordinarily. Or who I’ve known myself to be in the past twenty eight years of my life. Changes that even make me see myself as someone I’m not. Sometimes it’s so strange and confusing and it has been making me question everything about myself and my marriage.”
(Anonymous, 28, married)

It’s not uncommon for people in long term relationships to feel this way. It’s probably more common than we think. Being with the same person for an entire lifetime, or in this case a longer period of time than anticipated may cause one to feel this ‘itch’ and it’s no joke.
But what IS the seven year itch exactly?
Gigi Engle, resident Womanizer Sexologist and Author of “All the fucking mistakes: A guide to sex, love and life” says that the seven year itch in short, ‘is the notion that after seven years of marriage (or long term relationship), you start to feel unhappy with your partner’.
While some say this is a real thing, others say it’s a myth. However, we can all agree that it’s a critical juncture worth exploring. So let’s dive right into it shall we?!

The basic idea behind this Seven Year Itch is that romantic partners experience a sort of turbulence and a potential point of reckoning at around seven years of being together. While it’s normal to feel a little… itchy.. after awhile, there is no alarm that goes off after seven years on the dot. Often, people try to use this as an excuse to describe, the restlessness in their own relationships and often an excuse for their wandering eyes, but how good of an excuse is it?

From a more inside-the-lines sort of perspective, this ‘Seven year itch’ has a more common-sense appeal to it. A somewhat logical reasoning behind it, and this is my take on it. Initially, newly married couples go through a sort of euphoria bliss, a relationship high if you will; more commonly known as the ‘Honeymoon Phase’. Couples will be basking in marriage bliss, a sort of rosy illusion of what they visualize their future to be. I can’t deny, it’s a wonderful feeling.
And then as the years pass, and the spark fades, a sort of transition happens. This, also, doesn’t ring a bell or an alarm. You don’t even know it’s happening until it’s happening. And then they must negotiate chores & responsibilities, make sure they have a work-life balance & indulge in other ways that merge their lives together. And this process is not always smooth. Problem is, it’s all too easy for your relationship to fall to the bottom of your priority list as you juggle work, kids and / or other pressing responsibilities. And this may even take a toll on your relationship, if you let it. But it doesn’t have to.

When asked to describe one’s take on the ‘Seven Year Itch’ and how it has or potentially will affect one’s life, this is what Ms. Hermione Peterson (29, newly married) had to say.
“We got married right when we hit seven years. But it hasn’t always been rainbows and unicorns since seven years itself is a long time for two people to be together. Of course we had our ups and downs, and there were times that some obstacles seemed impossible to overcome as well. But if two people love each other, and communicate with one another with trust and understanding then there’s nothing love can’t overcome. What’s most important to keep a relationship strong is love, communication and most importantly, complete transparency!”
So there it is guys. The age old “Seven Year Itch” urban legend may or may not be a myth but in this day and age it is definitely a struggle being in relationships, especially amongst us Millennials. On that, I think we can all agree. But myth or no myth there’s always a more logical explanation and I believe we have uncovered somewhat of a truth inside this.

I would like to conclude, hoping that uncovering somewhat of a truth behind a potential Feminist issue amongst us Millennials, that we can raise our voices and stay ahead of the game. On that note I will end here with a quote that stuck with me.
“Some may desire to end their relationships regardless of the circumstances, while others remain fighting to work through it and in turn, growing stronger together.”